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Bodiless Drupal: When Losing Your Head Just Won't Fly
Join Quotient’s Paul Day as he explores an alternative to migration: Bodiless Drupal - an application that uses
Drupal’s powerful framework to do things it does well while leaving the domain data stored in a remote repository.

Presentation Location
Baltimore Convention Center Floorplan

Come find us on Balcony A! Paul Day presents Tuesday, August 1 at 3:00pm.

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Bodiless Drupal: When Losing Your Head Just Won't Fly.

Presenters: Paul Day
Level: Intermediate
Timeslot: August 1, 2017 at 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Balcony A, NIH
Github repo: https://pdayquotient.github.io/drupal-govcon-2017-bodiless-drupal/

For Federal agencies and other large organizations that have made significant investments in data repositories to manage their domain content, migrating this content to a content management system (CMS) is typically an extremely disruptive and expensive endeavor. 

What if a website built using a CMS could provide standard CMS features without the expense and disruption that result from migrating large volumes of distributed domain content? What if the question wasn’t “what if” but “how”? 

Bodiless Drupal, in its simplest terms, means using Drupal to provide access to data that does not live in Drupal's database. Existing systems and workflows can remain in place while the data is leveraged by Drupal. Bodiless Drupal avoids or defers domain content migration, so agencies can realize maximum value from their investments and minimize disruption.

The “Ain’t No Body” session at Baltimore DrupalCon provided a general overview for Bodiless Drupal. This session will expand on the Bodiless approach, providing a deep dive into case studies through operational code samples.

Join us for a session exploring disembodied Drupal, also known as bodiless Drupal- an application that uses Drupal’s powerful framework to do things it does well while storing the actual domain data in a remote repository. View Session Details

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