DrupalCon Coding & Development Track

Here at Quotient we're really excited about participating in DrupalCon, both as sponsors, potentially as speakers, and through support of the session selection for the Coding & Development Track. Our own Rebecca Bartlett is participating as the Local Chair for the Coding & Development committee. Check out her blog post on the Baltimore Drupalcon site!

Coding and development is about workflow, collaboration, learning from others, assisting others; more than just crafting code. The Coding and Dev track description has a list of suggestions to start the conversation, but please don’t feel constrained by those examples! If none of those resonate with you, there’s always the second-to-last item: Anything innovative, interesting, exciting, or useful that we haven’t listed! Did you write something that surprises and delights you? Did you figure out a way of doing something that nobody has done before? Did you leverage somebody else’s work in a way that takes things to the next level? Submit your session here.