QTips: James Boyle

The Quotient team acts with its clients' interests in mind at all times, but at times our positive influence extends beyond our customers.  James Boyle, a member of our team, contributes back to the open source community at large by providing accurate, useful information that allows upstream developers to quickly understand and resolve issues with their software.

•      RHEL 7.0 installer error when using kickstart (1120339)

•      LZ4 compression software errors (1123024, 1170243, 1233076)

•      Abrt missing dependency (1246539)

•      Python XML library unable to parse UTF-8 characters (1272121)

•      Fedora fdisk crash when reading OpenBSD disklabel (1055317)

•      ExifTool in EPEL 6 & 7 repositories – contacted maintainer about current version as well as available versions in EPEL repositories

In one instance, through effective communication and thorough work, James was able to establish rapport with the upstream developer of LZ4, Yann Collet.  This allowed for effective troubleshooting that positively impacted every user of LZ4.  Developers such as Mr. Collet sometimes even “call back” for spot checks of their work:

Yann Collet 2014-12-19 04:01:04 EST


There is now an LZ4 release candidate available, at :


It's supposed to fix this issue and a bunch of other minor ones.

James : would you be so kind as testing this version on your log system ?

Since you already found so many corner cases with this configuration, you deserve the title of ultimate torture tester. More seriously, I would prefer issues to be detected and corrected before r126 becomes official release. If possible.

Best regards

James was extremely happy to do so because, at all times, he focuses on flushing out the root causes of problems so they never come back.  This attitude, drive to set things right is what distinguishes Quotient from its competition.