A Veteran's Promise Holds True 20 Years Later

Over 20 years ago during Rick Olsen’s military service, a member of his unit had a daughter with leukemia.  The unit held a bone marrow donor drive where many of Rick’s unit, including him, registered to help the cause. 

A few months ago, Rick was contacted by the DoD Bone Marrow donor program as a possible match for someone in need. Rick provided blood for further testing and was recently notified that he was an "excellent match" for a 9 year old boy with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Without hesitation, Rick agreed to help. 

Over a period of weeks, Rick underwent the process of providing his peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donation at the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.  The apheresis process uses an IV line to remove Rick’s blood from one arm through a machine to filter out the stem cells then back into Rick’s body through the other arm. 

The promise and commitment he made to a member of his military unit holds true more than 20 years later.  Rick’s selfless contribution to a 9 year old boy whom he does not know is an act that serves as an inspiration to others.  Quotient is proud to call Rick a member of the Quotient team.